Sunday, November 07, 2010

Trust me, I am a Doc.

Haven't been blogging since i started working as a doc in UMMC. Life is hectic here. Last month i did 8 calls (on-call every 3 days), and i had to work everyday even on the weekends as there will be weekend ward rounds. If i m on call, i will need to continue my normal shift post call meaning i will be working about 36 hours berturut turut with probably 1-2 hrs slp in between.

It may sound very torturing but actually i think i am still able to gain some satisfaction from the work i did. As a houseman, my main duty will be taking bloods, setting lines, giving IV meds, and also requesting early radiology scans for patients. And as the first-line doc i need to jaga my patients and if there's any problems i need to try and solve them. If the prob cant be solved then i need to at least stabilise the patients b4 the arrival of help.

Ok la... need to go zzz d. will try to blog more when i have got free time.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Induction Week - Day 1

Finally i received the notification from the ministry of health to attend the induction course at Port Dickson, and this will mean that i will b starting to work as a doc after this event. First day of the course was relatively relaxing. It started in the afternoon with a short briefing, then we were given few hours break before we were given the appointment letters which told us which hosp we will gonna work in for the next 2 yrs. Thank God I was given my 1st choice. Most of the ppl actually got their top 3 choices. Then our 1st day ended with a 2-hr lecture by a state's deputy director of health which was about communication and leadership.

Let's hope tat everyday of the course will be this relaxing! Gonna slp now as tmr will need to wake up at 7 sth!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekend @ home

The recent w/end tat i spent in JB was probably the most relaxing yet 'productive' one that I had since I came back fr Cardiff. Finally I had the chance to sit down and had meals with family members as everyone was back during the Raya hols. I was surprised that I actually sat down and watched a chinese opera with my bro. Haha~

WEnt out with several frens and was glad that every1 was doing fine.

I finally received the letter that kept me so busy for the past 2 mths and it will keep me busy for the next few years too. Kinda excited but at the same time i just hope tat i can extend my break.

Friday, September 10, 2010


First of all, Selamat Hari Raya to my frens who celebrate it!

Spent nearly 12 hours on the road to travel from KB to JB, went to bed after the dinner and had a good slp!

Will stay in JB for few days to catch up with frens and family, hopefully. The next schedule after this break will be: JB-KMN-KB-SEL-PD-JB.